Frank And Oak X Town Brewery

On April 29th 2021, Town Brewery partnered up with Canadian clothing brand Frank and Oak with the goal of supporting the David Suzuki Foundation and specifically their efforts in keeping our oceans clean and sustainable.  

It's important for us as an organization to work with other local and Canadian companies who share the same values as we do. We love to partner with companies who care about doing good work for their community, and are stewards for the environment with a strong focus on sustainability.  As long time admirers and customers of Frank and Oak, we were thrilled when the team got back to us and said they were interested in partnering with us on this project.





The resulting collaboration beer, named Coastal Waters, featured classic Town Brewery IPA characteristics...hazy, juicy and delicious.  With every beer sold, $1 was donated to the David Suzuki Foundation, which is dedicated to climate change. The name Coastal Waters is an ode to the foundation’s ocean-protection efforts. Given that oceans are the lifeline of our planet, regulating climate, producing oxygen and providing food and jobs for billions of people, this was an aligned choice. In order to thrive, we need our ecosystem to thrive. There is no good life without sea life. 

"At Frank And Oak, we make use of ocean-sourced eco-friendly fabrics, such as SeaCell™, a blend of biodegradable high-tech fibres made from renewable-raw materials found in seaweed and natural cellulose, and Seawool, quality yarn made from recycled polyester and oyster shell composites. In a way, dipping our toes in these beer-related waters is a chance to give back to the ocean and close the loop on a sustainable manufacturing cycle." - F&O

For more information on the David Suzuki Foundation and their environmental efforts please click the link below!


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