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 16/14 oz - $7.00 // 5 oz - $2.50

Square Wheels - IPA - 6.2% - 16 oz
Hazy, smooth, and bursting with hop aroma. Big flavours of pineapple with undertones of grapefruit. A must when visiting Town Brewery for the first time!

Outside Jokes - Pale Ale - 5% - 16 oz
Hazy and juicy pale ale featuring Sultana and Citra hops with flavours of orange peel, pineapple juice, and slight floral notes.

Vibes - American Wheat Ale w/ Lemon - 4% - 16 oz
Dry, crisp, effervescent, and loaded with real lemon. Medium bodied and finishes slightly tangy.

Mellow Morning - Dry-Hopped Lager - 5.2% - 16 oz
Crisp, light, and refreshing with tempting flavours of melon, apricot, lime, and grapefruit. Medium bodied and smooth.

Couch Full of Dads - IPA - 6.3% - 16 oz
Hits you with colossal amounts of hop aroma in the form of ripe guava and freshly cut oranges. Flavours of blended papaya juice ties this favourite together.

Big Money - Helles Lager - 5% - 16 oz
Moderate bitterness compliments the bready, malty flavour very well. Whispers of fresh bread crust and an appropriate amount of hop flavour. Damn fine.

Salad Bar Suplex - Blackberry & Black Tea Sour - 4% - 14 oz
In collaboration w/ Merit Brewing (Hamilton, ON)
(Charity - PSP Society of Canada)
Aromas of blackberries and zested lemon and conditioned on loads of black tea from Monarch Tea Company in Hamilton. Clean and refreshing!
**Allergy Alert** - Tea contains black tea, dried papaya, blackberry leaves, freeze dried peach, ginger pieces, sunflower and calendula petals, and natural flavours.

Science Water - Moon Mist Hard Seltzer - 5% - 16 oz
A legendary ice cream flavour originating out of Atlantic Canada. A mouthwatering blend of grape, bubblegum, and banana. Refreshing, fun, and cool with a zippy carbonation. 


Pommies Farmhouse Cider - 6% - $6.50/Can

Clear brilliant, pale straw yellow colour with light carbonation; complex aromas of bruised apple, white flowers, citrus and baking spice, with notes of dried apple, pear and earth; dry, medium-bodied, crisp and tangy with flavours of tart apple, light baking spice and earth, with notes of pear, citrus and herb.

East Street Landmark Dry Cider - 6% - $6.50/Can
A classic, dry cider with a refreshing, vibrant palate. Made with a special blend of 100% Ontario-grown apples.

East Street Harvest Botanical Cider - 6% - $6.50/Can
An infusion of rose hips, hibiscus, lemongrass, orange peel and a hint of cinnamon. 

L'Orangeraie - Rosé - 12.5% - $7.50/6 oz glass
Extremely dry with lively flavours of fresh cherries and strawberries.

Soft Baked Pretzel - $6
Cheese-stuffed pretzel with a mild hint of jalapeno served with grainy IPA mustard.

Guacamole & Chips - $6 (GF)
Smooth and creamy guacamole served with a basket of yellow corn tortilla chips.

STUSH Patties - 2 for $10

Handmade Jamaican-style patties from STUSH located in Toronto, ON. Local ingredients and full of flavour!

Choose from 3 delicious flavours:

Beef - Minced, lean chuck steak with herbs in a flakey pastry

Jerk Chicken - Jerk marinated chicken thigh stewed to perfection 

Lentil & Veggie (Vegan Friendly) - A perfect blend of organic lentils, veggies, and spices

Coke/Diet Coke/Ginger Ale/Root Beer/Soda Water - $1.50
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